Dermatology Conditions of the Skin

Dermatology is the study of the science of skin. The skin is the human body’s largest and most visible organ. Keeping it healthy and beautiful requires a certain amount of maintenance and, sometimes, the assistance of a medical professional. Each area of the earth has a different set of weather challenges that affect our skin on a daily basis.

The skin of young, healthy people contains an abundance of hyaluronic acid and collagen. The collagen gives structure to your skin; the hyaluronic acid binds water. Together, the collagen and hyaluronic acid keep the skin looking smooth and supple. With time and sun damage, the collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid diminish within your skin. As the skin loses this structure and volume, fine lines and wrinkles appear. This process is natural and inevitable, but it can be counteracted with many non-surgical advancements in wrinkle correction available in our office.

Skin Evaluation

Detailed skin evaluations are performed in our office by either Dr. Reeder or one of our estheticians. At this consultation a trained professional will recommend a skin care regimen especially suited to your particular needs. The use of and benefits of the various products will be discussed. Since we believe that proper skin care is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance, we encourage all of our clients to continue their skin care even after they leave the office. We carry a variety of skin care products to best suit each person’s needs. Our cosmeceutical lines include Obagi, SkinCeuticals, and Procyte.


We are the only practice in the region to offer complete plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and dermatology care under one roof.

Premier Plastic Surgery and Dermatology has  successful practices in Celina, OH, Centerville, OH, Greenville, OH, Hamilton, OH, Hillsboro, OH, Oxford, OH, Sidney, OH, Tipp City, OH and Wilmington, OH.

Mole Evaluation

Moles are dark spots or irregularities found in the skin. They come in various shapes and sizes. Moles can appear anywhere on the skin, from the nose and other facial area, as well as arms and chest areas, in groups, or by themselves. They can be present at birth, or can begin to appear over time. Some moles go unnoticed, and some, like facial “beauty marks,” are actually considered attractive. However, moles are bothersome to some people, and can even lead to dangerous health risks. Any change in appearance to a mole should result in a consultation with your doctor, as this could indicate the onset of a skin malignancy. Mole removal, whether by laser or other surgery procedures, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that provides a solution to people wanting to improve their appearance and reduce associated health risks.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. More than 500,000 new cases are reported each year-and the incidence is rising faster than any other type of cancer. While skin cancers can be found on any part of the body, about 80 percent appear on the face, head, or neck, where they can be disfiguring as well as dangerous.

The primary cause of skin cancer is ultraviolet radiation -most often from the sun, but also from artificial sources like sunlamps and tanning booths. In fact, researchers believe that our quest for the perfect tan, an increase in outdoor activities, and perhaps the thinning of the earth’s protective ozone layer are behind the alarming rise we’re now seeing in skin cancers.

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